Antioxidant Defense Serum

A powerful antioxidant compound based on Pycnogenol">

Antioxidant Defense Serum

A powerful antioxidant compound based on Pycnogenol, a naturally occurring complex of antioxidant flavonoids that protect skin from the damaging free radicals.
        Free Radicals:
are highly unstable oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons that must attach themselves to the stable electrons of “good” molecules to accomplish their stability. As a result the “good” molecule is then transformed, damaged and/or deactivated. Free radicals work quickly. In mere seconds, one radical can trigger a chain reaction that produces thousands of additional free radicals that attack the collagen and elastin support system, degrade DNA, damage vital enzymes, impair immune functions, and cause general tissue deterioration. Sun is the leading proponent of this molecular debris in the skin, but they can also be produced by radiation, air pollution, smoking, pesticides, asbestos, cured meats, dietary fats, and often even by heavy exercise.
is extracted from the bark of the French maritime pine, and is the most powerful anti-oxidant known to man (research data on our file). Due to its unique ability to scavenge free radicals and to its smaller molecular structure, it has been scientifically proven to have antioxidant capabilities 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E, and 20 times more than Vit. C.

Method of Application:
    1. Apply twice a day (morning and evening) ;
    2. Cleanse and tone skin thoroughly (see Cleansing Gel, Soothing Cleansing Milk, Neutro Facial Cleansing Foam, Skin Tonic, Soothing Skin Tonic
, Apricot Cream Scrub)
    3. Dispense with your fingertips evenly over face and neck;
    4. Massage into skin with gentle patting motions;
    5. Apply regular treatments.

This product is also a part of our REJUVENATION TRIO treatment system. 

Size: 1 fl.oz. - 30 ml