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The fields have controlled irrigation in order to maintain the highest quality core even in exceptionally dry years. Fertilization is strictly organic, with pesticides excluded at all stages of the plant's growth. Only the sound and most mature Aloe Vera leaves are harvested.

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Within twenty-four hours of the harvest, the leaves are brought to the processing plant where they are individually inspected, washed, and trimmed. A trimmed leaf is opened up by a high-tension wire to prevent an undue loss of core and juices.


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The juicy core of the opened Aloe Vera leaves is then filleted by hand by highly skilled workers. WE DO NOT USE THE SKIN OF THE LEAVES and the correct depth of a filleting cut is crucial. The pure, undiluted core is then processed with its FULL NATURAL WATER CONTENT in stainless steel tanks. By slow, careful stirring under constant low temperature, it is turned into the finest grade gel to which only a very minute percentage of natural preservatives is added.


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And at last but not least, the final product is subjected to a stringent quality control. Our Aloe Vera must be not only up to the specifications and regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration and to the latest regulations of the new European Union, but it must also do justice to the rules of the US Aloe Vera Growers Association.



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